I am fascinated by our perennial desire to find and communicate with extraterrestrial beings—and how this pursuit corresponds to our own desires, failures, and confusions in communicating with each other. Within this installation, I am interested in fusing the forms of the popularized alien—little green men, amorphous blobs, and cybernetic beings from beyond—with familiar structures such as everyday objects and sound patterns similar to human speech.
Each piece in this exhibit has its own pattern of sound and movement, fluctuating between operating independently, mimicking the patterns of other pieces, and synchronizing with the collective. Over time, you may find these pieces arguing, conversing, and sitting in silence with each other.
I view these works as a collection of awkward hybrids—conglomerate beings that are comprised of everyday objects, architectural references, and simulations of human and extraterrestrial bodies. This material negotiation has lead me to question how the things we use, the spaces we occupy, and the realities of our own bodies determine how we encounter one another.
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